George Seurat?

29 01 2010

The first painting I present it will be alleged George Seurat’s early work.


 Why the owner claims this is Seurat?
First – there are several Seurat’s paintings which show similar neighborhood, houses, trees, fence, like those of Ville d’Avray:

George Seurat Ville d’Avray, White Houses,1882

Second: the painting is signed. Check this out:

Well, it looks a little different?
But if you check late Seurat signatures, they are completely different!
Maybe the painting is very early, from 1879-1880?

The third thing is that the painting is old. The board on which canvas was glued to was kept in bad conditions, it changed the shape – probably it was wet for long period of time. But the painting is in good condition, so if it is Seurat, the value could be in millions of Euros.





Hello connoisseurs!

29 01 2010

My name is Mark and I am a photographer from Easter Europe.
Thanks to my job, I was able to get access and take photos of some incredible paintings – that’ why I named this blog:  Unknown Treasure.
I am not an expert, that’s why I invite you to discuss – if those paintings are for real: Seurat’s, Van Gogh’s, Renoir’s, Picasso’s and so on.
You are surprised? You should be! Some of them are signed, some not. In some the signature is hidden.
You’ll ask – why they did not hire an expert to confirm if those paintings ar authentic. The answer is simple – there are no competent experts in those countries, they rather I don’t want to make official statement than to say “definitely yes” or “no”. Most of those paintings is a western art, in museums througout Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Hungary… there are not so many paintings of those artists.
But, I can say, some of thosepaintings were checked by experts, I will not say which ones – privately they say that it looks like paintings can be orignal! Ihey checked them with microscope, UV light and X-ray. So, if it’s be confirmed, it’ll be a a sensation. 
That’s it for today, see you later,